My last week…

Mai 21, 2010

It’s been an incredible week so far and until now I had no time to upload pictures. that’s why this entry today is more a photo blog. unfortunately I forgot my camera yesterday and so I couldn’t take pictures of the dome yesterday. but it was amazing.


setting up the stage

penzberg Penzberg. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Mother Nature and brother Fabi.


dinner @munich Delicious dinner @munich

Mother Africa performance „Mother Africa“ performing at the Ethiopian night.

me and two beautiful girls Me and two beautiful girls.

as you see, we had fun during this stressful week. yesterday we had a promotion day in stuttgart and ended up in a nice club in this beautfiul town. now I’m off to France. I’ll keep you posted.


Mai 14, 2010

Austria was a lot of fun. I really want to thank everybody who came out to have a good time with us. Austria proved to be a party country. We had a fantastic first festival show after ending the first part of #lautobahn tour in Germany and Austria. Now we’re back. It feels good to be back on stage. even if the weather sucks totally during the last weeks, festivals will be so important for us. please join and support us out there to show the big KP-community in every city.

weather sucks. not only in Germany.

truck stop football game

beautiful landscape

ready to go on stage

what a good evening in St. Pölten. the next show is coming up tomorrow: Penzberg in Germany. Hope to see you guys out there. Come with us on this amazing journey called #lautobahn!

You guys make us feel coming home when we’re on stage. More updates soon. Check the whole blog entry about the story on

thank you. speak to you soon.


backstage Austria.

we’re heading into the festival season…

Mai 11, 2010

….We can’t wait. We’re ready to play. We’re ready to rock. We’re looking forward to meeting you. First stop: Austria – St. Pölten. I’ll try to give you an update on thursday. Be prepared, get your tickets.

ticket information + all dates on

PS: is up now. save the date: 29th july!!

bed update

Mai 4, 2010

no real updates these days…had an operation on Monday and now I’m resting in my bed spending time with watching series like (californication, stromberg, two and a half men) or movies (departed, zeiten ändern dich) tv (horrible German television program) or reading. thanks for all your wishes. I hope it will get better tomorrow. the biggest problem is: i’m damn hungry and not yet allowed to eat….ahhhh.

speak to you soon.

Promotion tour for our new single..

Mai 2, 2010

As you all know, our new single „AM MEER“ will be released on all legal download sites on 7th may and therefore we headed out to do some promotion dates in the last weeks.


ZDF Morgenmagazin 23th April, rehearsal of our new acoustic version of „Am Meer“.

Yes, we did a totally new version of the new single with some extra instruments that will play Fabi. Who else? 😉 We think it sounds really cool and I guess you’ve heard it on any show in the last days..

After this TV-show we had to do  a nice little spot for VIVA Germany. We tried our best to look as good as much as cooks. I think we failed a little bit but in the end we all were really happy to have something to eat. and it tasted not that bad. really. Fabi and Mäx did a great job too, but what about this, huh?

yeah, that’s the dessert I did. as you can see I’m a little proud.

After this very short and intense trip to Berlin we made it back by train which was caused to the cancellation of all flights due to the ash clouds of an Icelantic volcano. But travelling by train is more environmentally friendly and so everything was cool for us.

next step was VIVA LIVE on 29th April in Berlin. A show we really love and we always come back to. I guess it was already the 12th time we have been there.  people welcomed us really warmly and once again we played an acoustic version.


and chilling afterwards:

some days off now. I will enjoy it. see you soon on tour starting in mid of May. festivals, here we come.

Hello again..

Mai 2, 2010

I decided to start blogging again about the things happening in my life. I’ll try to keep you updated as much as I can, but please be patient, when it’s taking it’s time to put something up.