we’re heading into the festival season…

….We can’t wait. We’re ready to play. We’re ready to rock. We’re looking forward to meeting you. First stop: Austria – St. Pölten. I’ll try to give you an update on thursday. Be prepared, get your tickets.

ticket information + all dates on http://www.killerpilze.de

PS: http://www.rock-im-hof.com is up now. save the date: 29th july!!


8 Responses to we’re heading into the festival season…

  1. Jess sagt:

    Have fun!

    And you guys should come play some dates in the UK, you know. You’ve got a pretty big fanbase here! Just putting that out there… 😉

  2. jubm sagt:

    I’m sure its going to be great ! 🙂

  3. Franzi sagt:

    OMG der killer schlecht hin.
    to + ing-form. OMG WO HAST DU ENGLISCH GELERNT? 😀

    • 2people-1face sagt:

      what’s matter?:D he wrote this good, after „looking foward to“ form goes verb ending with -ing 😉

  4. englisch-checker sagt:

    hey franzi.

    falls du schon mal in die schule gegangen bist und 1, 2 stunden englisch gehabt hast, dann wüsstest du, dass „looking forward to“ immer mit einer -ing form steht.

    danke für die aufmerksamkeit.

    see you later, alligator.

  5. xJun.ee sagt:

    Ohh my god ! It’s so exciting, I can’t wait, it’s in 1o days that you come back in France and the day after, it’s my Birthday, this is the best gift I could have 😀 I’m too impatient :3 ♥

  6. bigD sagt:

    YEAH, 29th July: ROCK IM HOF!!

  7. Lilly Lou sagt:

    Hii !!

    I have two question 😀 Um…What song you do go to sing during the concert has Paris? And do you go signed autographs after the show?

    Bisous 😀 I Love Your Songs !!!

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