Austria was a lot of fun. I really want to thank everybody who came out to have a good time with us. Austria proved to be a party country. We had a fantastic first festival show after ending the first part of #lautobahn tour in Germany and Austria. Now we’re back. It feels good to be back on stage. even if the weather sucks totally during the last weeks, festivals will be so important for us. please join and support us out there to show the big KP-community in every city.

weather sucks. not only in Germany.

truck stop football game

beautiful landscape

ready to go on stage

what a good evening in St. Pölten. the next show is coming up tomorrow: Penzberg in Germany. Hope to see you guys out there. Come with us on this amazing journey called #lautobahn!

You guys make us feel coming home when we’re on stage. More updates soon. Check the whole blog entry about the story on

thank you. speak to you soon.


backstage Austria.


10 Responses to

  1. Julie sagt:

    Hey Jo

    You are so cute on this pics 😉

    Have fun the next week during your festival 😉

  2. Justine sagt:

    Viel Spaß noch weiterhin und es wäre wunderbar, wenn ihr auf der Rheinkultur sein würdet 🙂

  3. jasmin sagt:

    wenn du hier „#lautobahn“ schreibst,also mit dem ding hier „#“, bringt dir das überhaupt was? XDD

  4. Joko sagt:

    Erstmal schön das ihr so geil rockt gerade ;D
    freut mich total (:
    euer Konzert (berlin,6.4) war unglaublich toll *____*
    Die Autogrammstunde natürlich auch ^-^

    was ich eigl. sagen wollte war:
    Das bild von dir ist so putzig ! xD
    Okay 😀

    Habt noch sehr viel spaß und rockt weiter (:

  5. aly sagt:

    congrats johan:)
    btw nice picccc:D<3
    damn hot lmaooo
    keep rock on
    xx big support from hong kong ^-^

  6. Milla sagt:

    Your blog is such good idea! It’s fun to follow the band from insides eyes 🙂

  7. chocolatelle_jeah sagt:

    sweet photo 🙂
    I like you and your brother 🙂

    well… I’m not speak english very good 🙂

  8. Hi Jo ! i really can’t wait to see you Sunday !!
    see you in paris !! BISOUS


  9. Sara sagt:

    Aww, such cute pics :3
    Once i can’t attend the shows because i’m portuguese, i’m going to try to find videos ._.

    have a great tour though 😀 *


  10. Jo where are you ?? I want a new article :p

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