My last week…

It’s been an incredible week so far and until now I had no time to upload pictures. that’s why this entry today is more a photo blog. unfortunately I forgot my camera yesterday and so I couldn’t take pictures of the dome yesterday. but it was amazing.


setting up the stage

penzberg Penzberg. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Mother Nature and brother Fabi.


dinner @munich Delicious dinner @munich

Mother Africa performance „Mother Africa“ performing at the Ethiopian night.

me and two beautiful girls Me and two beautiful girls.

as you see, we had fun during this stressful week. yesterday we had a promotion day in stuttgart and ended up in a nice club in this beautfiul town. now I’m off to France. I’ll keep you posted.


12 Responses to My last week…

  1. Mavilith sagt:

    While you were having such a great time, I was learning chemistry, biology and other uncool stuff. Life’s unfair, but… who the hell cares? Have fun, Jo, hope to see you again on tour or somewhere… But a concert in Poland would be the best way to meet You, don’t you think so?

    Take care.


  2. I like the effect of the second picture =) ! when i see the picture number 3 i just want to say that i really really can’t wait sunday !! see you there !

  3. I don’t know if you will read that but I would be very happy if you could leave me a comment on my wordpress please =)

  4. Nico sagt:

    Toller Blog. (: Gut geschrieben, tolle Bilder und ich mag deinen Style sehr. Ich werd öfter vorbei schauen. Vlt. wird das ja noch mal was mit dem Shooting 😛

  5. Laura sagt:

    Hey Jo!
    What about Mäx? I didn’t see him in the photos.

  6. alina. sagt:

    dein gesichtsausdruck aufm letzten foto ist unschätzbar 😀 haha.

    ich wünsche euch viel spaß in frankreich.. wie sehr ich da sein möchte.. ehh, aber naja, man muss weiter leben. 😉

  7. alina. sagt:

    @mavilith: tez o tym marze, ale spojrz prawdzie w oczy 😉

  8. nerd_ sagt:

    Isn’t that a picture of John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John from Grease? I think so.
    Take care and come to Poland.

    to alina: yhyym, na pewno zrozumie.

  9. Juliana sagt:

    I swear. It’s awful to love a band. Each time you come, I miss you more when you leave. Yesterday was GREAT… I really hope you are coming again soon. Thank you for all the happiness you give to your fans and for being so nice to us during the M&G. And congrats for being such great musicians. Third time I see you on stage, and I’m looking forward to see you again.

    All the best !


  10. jubm sagt:

    Oh and BTW you HAVE to come back.
    Next time I wont forget my stuff to get signed ! 😀
    I kinda felt dumb. But thats ok. Haha.

  11. Hey, Jo~!
    I just wanted to say thank you for yesterday in Paris. I say it here because I’m not really often – I’m never – on twitter so …
    It was perfect. Seriously. From the beginning till the end it was like if we were in an other world haha ! I’ve already seen you in Paris, on september the 28th and it wasn’t like that. The venue was so crazy yesterday ! And thanks for all you’ve done for KPWEB. Really, all the members – me included – were like „Ah, they did so much things for us yesterday !“ the video, the photos … And when you were giving autograph to me, this „Oh, KPWEB“ made me laugh ! So yeah, thank you, that’s all I can say.
    I’m really hoping you’ll do more concerts in France. France doesn’t forget you, you can be certain of this.

    See ya. 🙂

  12. kim sagt:

    ich liebe fabi ❤
    im so glad with the new album go on i hope you guys make a new dvd 2

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