Offline, Rock am Ring and new spot

Hey guys,

I’m really really really sorry for not writing the last weeks. My internet is still off and so far there’s no end in sight. fuck it. I’ll try everything to be back on Monday. But before the whole band is spending some private time together @Rock am Ring in Germany. We can’t wait to hang out together, meet friends and bands, have fun and spending a good time. In the meantime I want to recommend you our youtube-channel or my twitter account for more information.

I got a plenty of new pictures and I will upload them next week for sure. I hope you guys are having a great time.

I wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you to everybody who was part of our shows last week in Fürstenfeldbruck, Darmstadt and Fürstenfeld (Austria). This was amazing! We’ll be playing @Offenburg on saturday and I’m looking forward to meet you there. All the blog, pictures and news stuff is coming up next week. stay tuned and stop by!!

And now I gotta share a link with you:

This is a big German anti-AIDS campagne and I’m part of it. I did a big photo shoot and we shot a short movie. It will be uploaded on this site during the next days. Check it out and please spread the word! This is important.

Thank you and speak to you after Rock am Ring.


4 Responses to Offline, Rock am Ring and new spot

  1. MaryPoppins sagt:

    Hope to see you soon in France:)

  2. labello92 sagt:

    viel spaß bei rock am ring 🙂
    finde das echt gut das du dich für so eine Anti-Aids Aktion einsetzt 😉

  3. Amela Misimovic sagt:

    Have fun! 😀
    Hope you guys are coming to Oslo sometime, to also hold a concert here! (:

  4. Kamrada sagt:

    I just wanted to know, if it will have a „LAUTOBAHN Spezial Offenburg“?
    I was there, you really rocked, therefore I hope so 🙂

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