KP Family- even more than a word!! (English Translation)

KP Family- even more than a word!!

Long time, no read. This could be the heading of my blog on this page. Actually made for you to stay up to date, I realized that I couldn’t find some time between touring and all the other projects, I’m involved in, to put my thoughts into words on this or other websites. However, what counts is: I try to keep it up to date regularly.

Today it’s 24th August 2010. 10 Days ago, we declaimed KP-Day (#kpday) in the Internet and what happened again afterwards was just unbelievable. Amazing. Definitely motivating. Unbelievable #kpfamily.  Killerpilze-Tag had been on 21st August and you really rocked it! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

You read the word „kpfamily“ frequently. You are hard working Tweets und Facebook-Members.  So, put this word into your messages: #kpfamily

This is not just a phrase which we just made up. It should be an expression for the community between us and our fans, the fans by themselves, the different Nationalities and Streeteams and how this community is growing. The last few month, since we released „LAUTONOM“. I got the impression, that not only our fans are growing older and become adult but also the projects become more thoughtful and as I said before the community is growing. This all should “KP-Family” express. Are you satisfied with this name? Are you able to indentify yourself with it?

I think it’s really important that we FINALLY found an expression for all the people who are able to identify with our music, our band and our wish. It’s for all the people who want to be with us. For all the people supporting us.

This kind of support is exactly what we, as a band, need and luckily get. As you know, not all sings had been “on top” for LAUTONOM. It was a hard struggle to get over the separation from Universal and a bench of people who surrounded us , to record a new (strong) Album and to establish our own record label. The times are different than 4 years ago. We know that. And you should know that, too. 2010 is the start into a new age fort he KILLERPILZE and for you #kpfamily.

LAUTONOM had been a first, very important step. But as we mentioned before, this Album was just the beginning and no the end. Even if we are not appear in every small show on TV, our music videos on VIVA and MTV are not (yet) playing the whole day and the radio stations call „Am Meer“ not Radio- fitting, we had shown definitely that everything goes the right way. The POWER of the #kpfamily could change all those people minds. A demanding mass could break down people who consider themselves as most important and who always want to decide everything. Give the shit on the prejudice. Only we decide what will happen afterwards. It’s in our hands. Everything I said before, isn’t as important as the bond we should give:


And you:


Are you able to give this bond to us, like we do?

This may sound very demanding. But it shouldn’t. As you all know, we only could reach our goal to live by making music, if we earn some money on the one hand and on the other hand have a foundation fort he future. This foundation are you building with us.

Nearly 5 Million Channel-Views on Youtube, 16.800 Fans on Facebook (only in 6 month), 50.000Fans on MySpace, 2.500 registered Members at the official http://www.killerpilzefanclub,de (since December) Streeteams/ Fans all over the world don’t lie. But it’s just the beginning. This makes us proud Are you feeling as well what all could happen? I would call it atmosphere of departure.

Right in front of us is a brilliant second Part of the Tour the LAUTOBAHN-TOUR. 28th August by the end of September we will rock Germany/Austria and we will kick our asses.. After that there are some shows by the beginning of December. This is the moment, right now. This is it what counts for us at the moment. We are hardly looking forward to this Tour. Be with us! You know where you can get your tickets. In case of emergency at the box office. If you believe all the rumours you know that with the KILLERPILZE live the roof is on fire.

Our Single PLASTIK will be released on Friday!! One song, one statement, a direction sign. What do you think about the Single? You wanted it, and we give it to you.

All festivals, which we played this year had been really great Highlights.  We also want next year on the big stages in front of a big crowd. What you could do, we will tell you soon.

But you could write serious Band suggestions to all the big Festivals. The examination into the world of Fashion of Tom Rebl was something new and exciting.

First of all it’s important to push the Tour again, do commercials and that you’ll get yourself those amazing Singles (they are really high class) THANKS.

Let me know, what you’re thinking about this Blog, let me know if you the KP-Family are prepared to go still far as further to make this way as successful, exciting, fascinating and nice as possible.

We love the music. We are full of crazy ideas. We want to infect you.

Well, I’m off. Preparing fort he Tour and so on. We read us! Thanks for your attention.

See you in a few days on the Lautobahn. It’s going to be crazy!

Yours Jo Halbig + Killerpilze


4 Responses to KP Family- even more than a word!! (English Translation)

  1. yuna sagt:

    The idea of „KP-family“ is great. It’s simple, but it’s good. I think that it’s the best way to name something which your fans created from beggining.
    I wish I had more options to see you live at the shows. But you’ve got concerts far away and I couldn’t find time.
    Please, tell honestly, will you be back in Poland to play concert there? We’re waiting for you.

    Best wishes, be positiv and happy :*
    Kisses :*

  2. Loveaholic_x sagt:

    Ich weiß, das gehört hier nicht her, aber… trotzdem!
    Zum „LAUTOBAHN-Tour-Teil 2: Tag 3 – Osnabrück“ – Video, auf das ich gerade zufällig gestoßen bin:

    Ihr habt eine schöne BRUSTPARTY gefeiert, WTF?!?!?! XD
    Na dann erzählt mal. 😀

    Ach und Jo? Kannst du dich eigentlich an ein paar Mädels erinnern, mit denen du mal auf einem Konzert gelabert hast? ^^

  3. Loveaholic_x sagt:

    Oh und ich muss noch etwas loswerden!
    Finds hammer von dir, dass du das machst, was so manch einer zu peinlich findet es zu tun. Viele meiden es, das „Sex“ auszusprechen, labern dann was von „du weißt schon was“ oder „naja eben ja…“, aber in deinem Video mit der Aids Kampagne zeigst du denen allen, wie toll das Wort doch klingen kann! ;D

    Wobei du bei harten Groupies aufpassen müsstest, dass sie nicht auf die Idee kommen, dein fragender Part als du „Sex?“ sagst ist eine Aufforderung! 😀

  4. Loveaholic_x sagt:

    Langsam komme ich mir echt mies vor, dich hier so zuzuspammen.
    Aber mir ist gerade aufgefallen, dass ich hier ja auch einen Link zu einer Webseite von mir eingeben kann! XD

    Nur für den Fall, dass du mich auf Twitter followen wollen würdest. 😛

    So, das wars jetzt aber ehrlich. Gute Nacht. 😉

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